About votebeam

This site is up to provide information on how to be part of the voting process. It will discuss the various ways you can register to vote and find ways to register. Every American should be able to participate in the voting process and contribute to the development of their community. Years after the founding of this country, many communities had to endure horrid obstacles to be able to cast their vote. The main purpose of this site will be to assist people in registering and having the information they need to vote. This is to carry forward the effort of communities in the 60’s to allow people to fully participate in their local area and parts of the government.  In addition, you’ll see info on antics that reduce access to voting.  It will discuss approaches and groups attempting to divert everyday people from participating in the voting process. There will also be articles on voter registration drives, people discussing their efforts to promote voting and other things to improve voting.  There will be links along the side-bar for registering to vote and additional information, too.  Any suggestions are appreciated, have a great day and enjoy!


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