Problem Unfolds as 33,000 Vote Records Tanked in Ohio Election by Romney’s Election Official Jon Husted

“It’s not what you want to be doing” only a week before a presidential election, said elections board Chairman Tim Burke, who also heads the county Democratic Party.

Those were among about 33,000 names – people who had updated their address with the BMV between July and Oct. 9, the voter registration deadline – that Husted’s office sent to boards of elections statewide, said Husted spokesman Matt McClellan…

“I question why all this is happening so late in the election cycle,” said state Sen. Eric Kearney, D-North Avondale. “Why didn’t someone on his staff start calling three months ago to ask where this data was?”

Outdated addresses on precinct registration records are one of the major reasons individuals must cast provisional ballots, required when there are questions regarding a voter’s eligibility…

Four years ago, nearly 207,000 provisional ballots were cast in Ohio, of which roughly 40,000 were disqualified for a variety of reasons.

Rest of the article here


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