Vote Registration Dumper Nathan Sprouls and American Crossroads PAC Located at Same Office for Romney’s Campaign

Since 2004, Mr. Sproul’s companies — he has operated under several corporate names — have collected more than $17.6 million from Republican committees, candidates and the “super PAC” American Crossroads, mostly for voter registration operations, according to campaign finance records…

But questions about Mr. Sproul’s methods first emerged in 2004, when one of his companies, Sproul & Associates, was paid nearly $8 million during the election cycle. The payouts made the company the seventh-biggest recipient of campaign expenditures by the committee, according to an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Mr. Sproul declined to be interviewed.

This is an address:
45 North Hill Drive, Suite 100
Warrenton, VA 20186

This is the address of the law firm HoltzmanVogelJosefiak PLLC
HoltzmanVogelJosefiak PLLC provides counseling and compliance services to individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations, trade associations, PACs, Super PACs and candidates who are engaged in influencing the public policy arena in Washington and across the nation.
They have 10 partners in this firm. It’s not uncommon for a State Representative to use a work address as a constituent address. That State Senator Vogel and her law firm share an office in and of itself is not necessarily scandalous.

This is an address:
45 North Hills Drive
Suite 100
Warrenton, VA 20186

It is the address written on an IRS form declaring the status of a 527. Open secrets explains what a 527 is. The name of this particular 527 is American Crossroads. It’s president, Steven J. Law is named as the contact person at the Warrenton address. He is also the President of it’s sister organization, Crossroads GPS. The former is a Super PAC, the latter is a 501( C )(4) and works in conjunction with American Crossroads. As a 501( c )(4) nonprofit, Crossroads GPS’s primary purpose is the advancement of social welfare including public policy advocacy. See also: Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

Nathan Sproul appears to still be working for the GOP. In spite of the party firing Strategic Allied Consultants, LLC., Brad Friedman reports at his blog that the company has morphed into yet another form and is continuing its behavior calling itself “Issue Advocacy Partners”. It should be noted that when the original Florida fraud allegation came to light, the Virginia GOP cut its ties with the Nathan Sproul-led Strategic Allied Consultants, LLC.

Virginia’s Republican Party has cut ties with a firm it paid $500,000 in August for “new voter and absentee ballot registration” services here, as the registration deadline looms, in the wake of a scandal involving the company in Florida.

That firm, suburban Richmond-based Strategic Allied Consulting, has also been dropped in other swing states, including Florida — the state’s Palm Beach Post newspaper initially reported on official concerns about some voter registration forms submitted.

Here is the interesting thing: according to this (page 106), Strategic Allied Consulting LLC has an address listed as 4701 Cox Rd., Glenn Allen, VA 23060. This perhaps is the state office used for billing purposes as it differs from the Address listed in the Florida complaint. Strategic Allied Consulting was the only New Voter and Absentee Ballot registration firm used by the Republican Party of Virginia according to this Itemized Disbursements PDF. It was filed September 17, 2012. It covers the time period of 8/1/12 to 8/31/12. The September disbursement will not be available until the 20th of this month. It will be interesting to see if the GOP hired a new Voter and Absentee Ballot registration firm — and if so, who was hired. As a matter of fact, in September the LA Times reported:

Sproul said he created Strategic Allied Consulting at the RNC’s request because the party wanted to avoid being publicly linked to the past allegations. The firm was set up at a Virginia address, and Sproul does not show up on the corporate paperwork.

“In order to be able to do the job that the state parties were hiring us to do, the [RNC] asked us to do it with a different company’s name, so as to not be a distraction from the false information put out in the Internet,” Sproul said.

The state GOP paid Strategic Alliance for voter inititives in Virginia, but it appears as though the national efforts found a home at 45 North Hills Drive, Suite 100 Warrenton, Virginia

The question I am trying to find out, and I think this is critical: why is a politician, a super PAC and a voter registration firm listed at the SAME office of an address of a law office that specializes in counseling and compliance PACs, Super PACs and candidates right here in Virginia? This election cycle it is clear that the GOP paid Mr. Sproul’s company, but is this firm also coordinating with American Crossroads?

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