Republicans and Romney Claim to Fire Nathan Sproul, Leader of Voter Registration Dumping in Florida and Virginia

Strategic Allied Consulting, LLC, the firm run by embattled GOP consultant Nathan Sproul, was paid more than $400,000 in September by the Republican National Committee for “management consulting services,” Federal Election Commission filings show.

The firm, which was conducing voter registrations for the party in Florida and other states across the nation, was fired three weeks ago after Florida election officials discovered apparent fraud in registrations handled by the firm.

FEC records show the company was paid $416,665 by the national party in two installments in September. The payments came before ties between the party and the company were severed….

Despite their public renunciation of Strategic Allied Consulting, the Republican National Committee did not actually break ties with this sketchy firm. The RNC’s continued ties to this company, despite revelations of its lengthy history of being accused of voter registration fraud and whose activities on behalf of the RNC in my home state of Florida this cycle are the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation, show a complete lack of willingness to protect the fundamental right to vote.
“The RNC’s decision to continue to employ a consulting firm with a well-known history of registration fraud and other election-related irregularities is unconscionable, and it is a clear breach of public trust.

“Unfortunately, this is nothing new. Firms led by Sproul have long been associated with allegations of election fraud – including destroying Democratic voter registrations as far back as 2004. Yet RNC Chairman Reince Priebus continues to hire Sproul, showing his disdain for an honest electoral process.

“These allegations undermine our free and open elections. It’s clear that Republicans cannot be trusted with voter registrations at any point in the process. The Democratic Party will call out these deceptive practices at every turn and continue to ensure elections are accessible and secure.

Rest of the article here


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