League of Young Voters Help Win Case Against Romney Led Voter Suppression in Texas

Statement of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, which represents the Texas League of Young Voters Education Fund and Black college students at Prairie View A&M and Texas Southern Universities who have intervened in the case:

“The Court today recognized that Texas’s restrictive photo identification measure would harm minority voters. Texas adopted its measure in the face of a population explosion of people of color. In the past 10 years, Texas’s population has grown by 4 million people, 90 percent of which is attributable to minority growth. The increase in its population presented Texas with an important opportunity to expand its electorate but instead it decided to limit the ability of voters to participate in our democracy. Many Texans would have had difficulty securing the limited types of identification the proposal allowed. Approximately 80 of the 254 counties in Texas do not have a Department of Motor Vehicles agency. In one county, for example, there is no Department of Motor Vehicles within 100 miles. In the City of Arlington, which contains 300,000 residents, no public transportation is available. Fortunately, Section 5 of the Voting Rights, which serves as our democracy’s discrimination checkpoint, prevented the implementation of Texas’s discriminatory measure.”

Statement from Christina Sanders, Director of the Texas League of Young Voters Education Fund, which intervened in the case:

“Today’s ruling means that more young Black and Latino voters from Texas will be able to exercise their protected right to vote, without unjustified hurdles. This ruling shows that the Texas voter ID law was a solution in search of a problem. Our country is stronger when more people, not fewer, participate in the political process. We can now focus on engaging young people in the political process this November and beyond.”

Rest of the article here


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