Republican Arrested in Virginia for Romney Backed Voter Suppression

The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia announced Thursday that it had arrested the man who allegedly tossed completed voter registration forms in a dumpster.

Police on Thursday arrested 31-year-old Colin Small, who was a voter registration supervisor employed by Pinpoint, an independent firm contracted by the Republican Party of Virginia.

Smith has been charged with four counts of destruction of voter registration applications, eight counts of disclosure of voter registration application, and one count of obstruction of justice…

Earlier this week, a man working at a Tuesday Morning store saw someone toss something in the dumpster behind his work and speed off in a car. When he investigated what had been thrown out, he discovered several voter registration forms, which were filled out.

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2 thoughts on “Republican Arrested in Virginia for Romney Backed Voter Suppression

  1. Makes me wonder how much of this isn’t being caught across the country. Republican lies, cheating, and suppression are a disgrace. The integrity of the Obama campaign’s voter registration drive that I’ve witnessed is excellent here in North Carolina. Thanks for all the info.

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