Florida Voter Suppression : Romney and Nathan Sprouls Obstructing Voter Registration in Florida

The Romney campaign hired a company called Strategic Allied Consulting and fired them last night when more than 100 fraudulent registration forms were found in Palm Beach County Florida. But there’s more.

Strategic Allied is a shell company operated by Nathan Sproul.

The Florida Supervisor of Elections reported the fraud which included:

1) Shredding Democrat voter registration forms in Florida and other states such as: North Carolina, Virginia and Colorado.

2) The GOP party paid this firm $667,000.00 this year to run campaigns in Florida, that would diminish democratic votes.

3) The Romney campaign hired Nathan Sproul as a political consultant last year knowing full well that he was accused of fraud in the past.

4) Election officials are investigating voter registration cards that were shredded or destroyed by the firm, and signatures were altered or changed on others.

5) Over 106 applications were flagged in a submission batch of 304 turned in on Sept 5, 2012 by the contractor of the Republican party.

The Palm Beach Post reported that Strategic Alliance Consultants were paid 1.3 million to register new democrat voters and then switched their votes for republicans.

Rest of the article here


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