Florida Vote Problems : Romney, Nathan Sproul and Voter Suppression

We have learned more about the investigation in to alleged voter fraud by a firm paid millions of dollars to register Republican voters in Florida. This is the firm that listed a Land Rover dealership as the address for one of the voters is claimed to have registered.

NBC News has learned:

Florida state officials have directed a statewide criminal investigation into a Republican consulting firm whose employees have been linked to “hundreds” of suspect voter registration forms in eight countries throughout the state, NBC News has learned. Chris Cate, a spokesman for the Florida secretary of state’s office, said that state election officials are turning reports of registration irregularities over to the Florida State Department of Law Enforcement for a statewide inquiry to determine if there was a pattern of misconduct by the firm, Strategic Allied Consulting. He described it as a potential case of “election fraud” probe. Cate confirmed that the secretary of state’s office, which oversees the division of elections, has received a complaint against Strategic Allied Consulting from the Florida Republican Party. Nathan Sproul, the managing partner of the firm, denied that his firm committed any fraud, saying he was the victim of “a few bad apples” who had been hired to register Mitt Romney supporters for $12 an hour.

Rest of the article here


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