The Grio : September 25th is National Voter Registration Day

Tuesday, September 25th, is National Voter Registration Day and it’s a coordinated effort between community leaders, celebrities, and volunteers to inform people about voting opportunities and get them registered before deadlines.

With less than fifty days until the presidential election, civil rights groups are ramping up efforts to increase voter registration, especially in light of recent attempts by some states to restrict voter rights.

“We are declaring a state of emergency on voting rights in the United States,” National Urban League president Marc Morial said in a phone conference yesterday. “Millions of people could be disenfranchised by restrictive voter laws.”

Several civil rights, faith-based, and social justice organizations, including the Advancement Project, NAACP, National Council of La Raza, and National Congress of American Indians, were on the call.

The University of Chicago and Washington University in St. Louis recently released a study showing that 17 states, including Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, have put strict photo ID requirements in place, request photo IDs but have provisional alternatives, or have passed a photo ID law that is not yet in effect.

The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University’s law school did an analysis that found 25 percent of blacks and 16 percent of Latinos do not own government issued photo IDs. This includes passports, driver’s licenses, state ID cards or military IDs. The analysis compares those numbers to just nine percent of whites who don’t own the same forms of ID.

“We want to inform people across the nation about the steps they need to take to ensure that their precious right to vote is protected,” Morial said as well…

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