The Travesty of Kobach in Kansas, as Romney Backed Voter Suppression Continues

Kobach and his colleagues happily ignore the fact that a voter could be registered in one state, move to another state, and the prior state only fail to update its records in time; that doesn’t add up to “double voting.” But as the engineer of some of the most arcane anti-immigrant laws in the nation, it’s not a far leap to say Kobach’s Cross Check Project is fueled primarily by the desire to harass immigrants…

This is a problem that right-wing secretaries of state in places like Florida and Colorado are also running into: they can’t purge without the cooperation of their county elections supervisors, and for good reason. In Florida, county election supervisors were given a list of “non-citizens” to purge by the state, and the list was over 98 percent inaccurate, as found by University of Florida professor Daniel Smith.

It’s difficult to assess Kobach’s Cross Check Project operations or efficacy because it doesn’t even have a website. But if the reports are true, then there are fifteen states—Michigan, Kansas, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Tennessee—inside Kobach’s web, representing 132 electoral college votes. Six more states were waiting in the wings as of reports in May.

Rest of the article here


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