Judge Slams Romney Led Voter Purge in Iowa

“We believe that every qualified, eligible Iowan should be free to exercise their most profound right of citizenship, the right to vote. This decision ensures that those rights will be protected while our case is proceeding, and that no Iowan, regardless of their Latino heritage, regardless of their status as new U.S. Citizens, will have to wonder what it will cost them to vote this coming election.” “No one should fear that unsworn, unreliable allegations that they are not qualified to vote will result in the ‘investigation and prosecution’ contemplated by these irresponsible rules.” “Pending the final resolution of this lawsuit, there should be no purge, there should be no consideration of unfounded complaints of fraud, and the Secretary should immediately recall the baseless DCI investigation of thousands of Iowans that is founded solely on outdated, unreliable Department of Transportation data.”

Rest of the article here


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