A Look at Romney’s Attempt at Voter Suppression and Previous Republican Attempts

….Republicans set out a strategy to never allow the historic reality to happen again. Their strategy was nothing new. It was successfully used after the Civil War during the period called “Reconstruction” when some thwarted the rise of African-American political leadership. Up until the historic Voting Rights Act of 1965, it was in full throttle as many who had to right to vote, were intimated or otherwise denied their right to vote.

The current ruse of the suppression was an excuse to allegedly stop voter fraud. Was it a solution looking for a problem that never existed? Many, think so. Yet, there has been very little, if any abuse. Why would a person risk prison to cast an illegal vote?

No doubt, ever since President Obama became President, Republican governors supported by G.O.P. leadership has crafted an onslaught to change legislation targeted at those most likely to support President Obama or the Democratic party.

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2 thoughts on “A Look at Romney’s Attempt at Voter Suppression and Previous Republican Attempts

  1. This is one of the most important issues in the 2012 – preventing and stopping voter suppression tactics. The other issue – make sure we know what companies are counting the votes – especially in the swing states. Election fraud is the issue Karl Rove doesn’t want people to look at. He’s pointing over at the non-existent voter fraud (10 federal convictions in 10 years) instead of real issue of voter vote manipulation via electronic means with electronic ballots and electronic computer controlled tabulation system by partisan companies. See Craig Unger’s new book “Boss Rove”.

    • It’s important to make sure the voting process works the way it’s supposed to. If you have a minute please try the app in the upper right, for voting and voter registration. please share it with your friends, thnx!

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