Update on Romney Backed Voter Suppression in Ohio

“Tom and I are not heroes,” said Lieberman, who attended the breakfast as a guest of the delegation. “What Tom and I did was simply stand up for what was right. The same as each and every one of you would do.”

Also last week, a federal judge ruled in favor of the Obama administration in a separate lawsuit over a new state law prohibiting in-person voting for anyone but military members in the last three days before the election, ordering that the three days be restored for everyone.

Reached by phone on Monday Husted said it is his job to make sure the law is followed, and that the federal court ruling in the Obama lawsuit acknowledged his power to issue directives regarding voting hours..

Lieberman said the controversy should act as a lightning rod to spur activism.
“Its time to vote. It’s time to take 10 people to the polls and vote. No matter what they do to us, no matter what hours they try to force on us, we will vote,” Lieberman said.

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