Georgia Voters Discuss Romney Led Voter Suppression

“The bottom line” in Georgia “is our legislators are bought and paid for,” said Augusta, GA progressive political activist Rev. Terence A. Dicks during a panel discussion in Charlotte, NC.

It’s a political reality that right-wing corporations in Georgia are spending large sums of money to control politics and legislation in the Peach State, said Panel Moderator John Nichols, a pioneering political blogger.

“When you give immense amounts of money – kind of like free reign to corporates interests to intervene in politics – they don’t just buy TV ads – they buy an infrastructure that favors them, Nichols said as he asked a question to Rev. Dicks.

Dicks and Nichols made their comments during a panel discussion at the 2012 Democratic National Convention sponsored by the Progressive Democrats of America at an event entitled “Progressive Central – The Peoples Convention.”

Rev. Dicks said many of Georgia’s Republican lawmakers “receive their marching orders” and training from the infamous right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

ALEC funneled right-wing legislative templates to lawmakers across the country thus making it easy for Republicans to pass these laws in their respective states and nationwide.

In Georgia, 56 state lawmakers have or had ties to ALEC including 36 Georgia representatives and 20 Georgia senators.

ALEC is “a big 40 year old group” that is run by and “for corporations” whose “members are state legislators,” said Nichols adding ALEC has “more than 2,000 members” many of whom are state legislators.

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