Stooping to New Depths, Republicans And Romney Push to Reduce Early Voting in Ohio

Other Republicans have similarly gloated about how voter suppression will elect Mitt Romney. According to one news report, “Former Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer (currently under indictment for stealing party funds) acknowledged in a deposition that a 2009 Republican party meeting included discussions about ‘voter suppression and keeping blacks from voting.’” The report also revealed that “In December, Paul Schurick, a top aide to former Maryland Gov. Bob Ehrlich, was convicted of election fraud for using automated phone calls to suppress the African-American vote during Mr. Ehrlich’s unsuccessful 2010 bid.” Entered into evidence was one consultant’s memo that described a “Schurick Doctrine” to “promote confusion, emotionalism and frustration among African-American Democrats.”….

Civil Right advocates rightly call this disenfranchisement our new Jim Crow laws.

Across the country, civil rights groups continue to sue states that have passed laws to suppress voters, something that still may surprise a great number of Americans, not to mention the rest of the world.

Rest of the article here


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