Washington Post : Florida Voter’s Experience in a Voter Suppression State

The Washington Post has a long editorial on voter suppression in Florida. “The Scott administration has shown unsettling virulence in enforcing these provisions. Five of Florida’s 67 counties are subject to pre-clearance under the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and this month a panel of federal judges ruled that Florida couldn’t prove that its shortened early-voting period wouldn’t have a disproportionate effect on African American voters. Instead of suspending the entire provision and striving for a uniform policy across the state, Mr. Scott, as if to encourage another Bush v. Gore, has insisted that the law still applies in Florida’s 62 other counties. “Unsettling virulence” has many siblings.

One EOM reader offers the following on the recent local election in Miami-Dade, Florida’s most populous and politically influential county: “So I dutifully went to vote in the primary. Got there at 7:15am after my morning walk. Presented my voter’s registration card… was not asked for a picture ID and after they looked carefully at the computer they informed me they could find no records for me. I insisted I had voted before and they kept up looking. They finally found me and said that my name was next to the word “INACTIVE”. I asked them what that meant and they said I probably had not voted in quite a long time. So I proceeded to explain that the “long time” was the last election.I vote in all primaries and general elections and told them I was NOT leaving until I voted. After 1/2 a hr of waiting (thank goodness I was the only person there at that time) they finally said all was well…that it had been a computer glitch since they had just switched to this new system. I voted (hopefully it did register) and I left feeling quite uneasy and thinking how easy it will be for tallies to be manipulated…”

Rest of the article here


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