Voice of a Citizen : Julia Olson Offers Her Experience from a Rural Area in the Wake of Voter Suppression Legislation

Mexican-American Julia Olson offers a warning for what could happen if Minnesota passes a constitutional amendment that mandates state-issue Voter Photo IDs. Before she immigrated to the United States and became an American citizen, she saw how Photo ID requirements dissuade many rural Mexicans from voting. Many don’t have the money, or access to transportation, to acquire photo identification.
“They can’t go to the big city to get it, and so their vote doesn’t count,” says Olson. “When I came to Minnesota 41 years ago and became an American citizen, I was so proud that my vote counted. Now I’m so afraid that it’s not gonna happen.”

“If they take this right away, then just the politicians, the people with money, power and (photo ID) cards, they’re the ones who will choose. It’s so important not to lose that right.”

Rest of the article here


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