Church Ministers Charge Against Republican Initiated Voter Suppression in Texas

‘And here we are, on the crest of celebrating the victory that Dr. Martin Luther King achieved, yet we find ourselves still dealing with poll taxes, and voter intimidation, and voter suppression,’ association president Pastor Max A. Miller, Jr., told a news conference.

He says it looks to him like local election officials are conspiring to intimidate and suppress minority voters, and so they want Uncle Sam to come in and look around.

‘It appears, it just appears to me that the county clerk and the district clerk have suddenly forgot how to run an election, so just maybe, maybe we need the Justice Department to step in and take a look at the election process in Harris County.

Until then, he says the association it will become the watchers of the poll watchers.
Closing the polls
Since lower-income voters more often work early in the morning or late at night, Republicans tend to favor shorter polling hours. They justify this with feigned concern about taxing the stamina of (often elderly) volunteers.

A similarly motivated opposition has mobilized against early voting arrangements that let people vote on weekends. Sunday voting is a particular target. The stated reason is that it’s impious. The actual reason is that Sunday voting allows black churches to provide “souls to polls” transport after services. Ohio and Florida have eliminated it.

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