Republican Scoundrels Look for Others Ways to Purge Votes in Florida

That’s why you’re seeing a coordinated effort, in swing states controlled by Republicans, to suppress the vote. Florida’s Rick Scott announced yesterday that he would soon engage in a new voter purge effort, armed with data from the Department of Homeland Security’s SAVE database. This means that he will attempt to throw voters off the rolls within 80 days of the election, a highly unusual occurrence, especially because it would take at least 60 days to mail out letters to potential purge victims and await a response.

In Ohio, Secretary of State Jon Husted tried to split the hours for early voting, so that Republican counties would have weekend hours and longer office times, and Democratic counties would have shorter weekday hours. Husted has now vowed to offer uniform hours for early voting, but under the more restrictive standard, meaning that early voters will still have trouble reaching the polls. And this inevitably suppresses turnout at the margins, and makes it harder on those without flexible schedules to vote. Inevitably, that correlates with Democratic voters, particularly low-income voters in the major cities.

Rest of the article here


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