Wisconsin Report Informs Students of Voting Rights Against Republican Push of Voter Suppression

A section of the report highlights the effect on students of the recent extension of the residency requirement from 10 to 28 days. It describes the following stories:

  • A student who lived at Marquette until graduating in May of this year moved to a new address at which he had not yet met the 28-day requirement by the election. Poll workers improperly prevented him from voting at his school address.
  • A woman who resided and voted in Fond du Lac but attended college in California from 2011 to 2012 sought to vote at a different address in Fond du Lac that she returned to fewer than 28 days before the election. Election officials only allowed her to vote after the Government Accountability Board clarified that her temporary absence did not deprive her of Wisconsin residency.
  • A student who registered at his dorm address during the 2010-11 school year and then studied in China until shortly before the election was only allowed to vote after Election Protection intervened.
  • Some election officials in La Crosse incorrectly told students that they could not vote there because they were returning home from college for the summer.

These stories drive home the importance of informing students on your campus of their voting rights and options. Using the CVP toolkit items and FELN’s state-specific guides will help you make sure that students and election officials know voters’ rights in whatever state you’re in. Focus on these goals to get ready for the election:

Rest of the article here


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