The Republican Effort to Impose Voter Suppression in Wisconsin

Why? Because if you live in Racine, it’ s nothing new. In fact the whole concept of keeping minority and working people from voting had it’s start right here in the Belle City.

Few people know the name of Paul Weyrich. Mainly because he is dead. Those who do know the name either think of him as a hero or saddle the entire crypto-christian-conservative movement on his head. Sure we all know Charles and David Koch, and Sheldon Adelson is quick becoming a household name. Paul Weyrich was all those guys rolled into one before they were even players in buying the elections game.

Paul Weyrich was born in Racine, Wisconsin on October 7, 1942.

This short video has become Paul Weyrich’s YouTube legacy…something we sincerely hope gives him much discomfort in the afterlife:

“I don’t want everybody to vote” Yep, you heard him correctly. History is such a bitch.

Rest of the article here


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