Republican Chairman Describes Republican Methods for Using Voter Suppression

Former Florida Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer has filed a lawsuit against his former colleagues, saying he was improperly denied a $130,000 severance package after being forced out his leadership position. In a deposition recorded in late May, Greer described a party that had fallen into disarray and become divided between competing factions…

“They talked about not letting blacks vote,” Greer said during the deposition, adding that party officials believed that “minority outreach programs were not fit for the Republican Party.”

The incendiary charge comes at a time when Florida is under heavy scrutiny for a new law tightening voter registration requirements and for a push to strike ineligible names from the state’s voter rolls.

The new voting law has drawn challenges from groups like the League of Women Voters, who contend that it erects a needless barrier to the voting booth (a federal judge agreed with that argument inblocking sections of the law). Numerous states have enacted new voting laws since 2010, citing the need to prevent fraud, but opponents warn that minorities and low-income voters are disproportionately at risk of being disenfranchised.

Rest of the article here


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