Republican Officials Acknowledge Voter Suppression Motives of Republican Members

Voting rights advocates have long asserted that restrictive voting laws are only implemented for one reason: suppressing the votes of underrepresented citizens. Yesterday, former Florida Republican Chairman Jim Greer confirmed this by admitting that state Republicans have conspired to suppress Black voters. Unfortunately, this admission from Florida is not the first that we have heard in recent years.

Greer exposed the GOP’s plans for “voter suppression and keeping blacks from voting,” claiming that party officials dismissed “minority outreach programs” because they were “not a fit for the Republican Party,” according to Salon

Last month, Pennsylvania House Republican Mike Turzai shocked the nation when he proudly announced that the state’s controversial new voter ID law would give Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney the state’s votes in November.

“Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done,” he said at a Republican State Committee meeting.

The state, which recently discovered that at least 750,000 registered voters do not have required ID to vote, is currently battling over the voter ID law in court.

Rest of the article here


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