Republican Attempts at Voter Suppression in Virginia Bill Prompts Response from Citizens

The chairwoman of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus accused the GOP of voter suppression.

“We have before us in the General Assembly session an array of voter-suppression bills designed to render you voiceless in 2012, and it’s no coincidence that this is happening in 2012,” said Sen. Mamie Locke, D-Hampton.

“There are those who are still angry that in 2008 Virginia decided to do the right thing,” Locke said of President Barack Obama’s victory, the first in Virginia for a Democrat running for president since 1964.

About 300 people on the Capitol lawn applauded passionate speeches Tuesday. Black legislative leaders and former NAACP executive director Benjamin Chavis decried the legislation as “arrogant bills by arrogant politicians.”

“What kind of governor, what kind of lieutenant governor, what kind of senator, what kind of delegate would lynch democracy,” Chavis asked in a fiery speech in which he pointed uphill to the Capitol that once housed the Confederate Congress. He called today’s Republicans inside it “Old South.”

Rest of article here


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