Voter ID Public Information Problems Demonstrate Need to Inform Students of Rights

recent Talking Points Memo article described public information campaigns related to voter ID, but it is unclear to what extent state and county efforts will focus on college campuses. As a result, students in states that require ID to vote should consider partnering with CVP to inform students of their rights. Check out the CVP toolkit item “Get ID!” for more information. These are just a few examples of the information students will need this year:

  • Colorado: Spread the word that student IDs from public and private schools in Colorado may be used as ID as long as they have a picture.
  • Florida: Let students know that first-time Florida voters and other eligible voters may use a student ID with a photo to vote.
  • New Hampshire: Tell students that a valid student ID can be used in 2012 to vote at the polls. Student IDs will be removed from the list of acceptable IDs in future elections, but are acceptable this year.
  • Ohio: If you attend a public school, ask administrators to send every student a letter confirming that the student attends that institution and inform students that the letter can be used as ID because it comes from a government entity. If you attend a private school, ask the housing department to send every student who lives in a residence hall a zero-balance utility bill. Make sure students are aware that this fulfills the utility bill option for voter ID.
  • Pennsylvania: If your school’s student IDs lack an expiration date, encourage administrators to add one so it can be used at the polls and make sure that students know how to obtain an expiration date sticker or updated ID.
  • Rhode Island: Make sure students know that a student ID from any college or university in the United States may be used to vote.

Contact Dan Vicuna at or 202-331-0114 to partner with Campus Vote Project on a voter ID information campaign on campus.

Rest of the article here


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