Community Challenges Republican Voter Suppression in Ohio on Reduced Early Voting

Coincidentally or not, many groups use those days as a final push to get voters to the polls who might have difficulty casting their ballots on Election Day. For example, many African American churches sponsor “Souls to the Polls” drives on the final election weekend. In 2008, an estimated 93,000 votes were cast in Ohio during the last three days of early voting, according to a nonpartisan voter advocacy group.

The restrictions on early voting are the only remnants of a broader voter suppression bill passed last year by the Republican-controlled legislature and signed by Gov. John Kasich (R). But following a huge public outcry and a successful campaign to place a referendum repealing the new law on the ballot, the legislature back tracked in May and repealed all of the law but the early voting restrictions.

Rest of the article here


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