Holder on Republican Voter Suppression : ‘We call those poll taxes’

“Under the proposed law, concealed handgun licenses would be acceptable forms of photo ID, but student IDs would not,” the attorney general pointed out. “Many of those without IDs would have to travel great distances to get them. And some would struggle to pay for the documents they might need to obtain them.”

“We call those poll taxes,” Holder added, reportedlystraying from his prepared remarks.

The attorney general said he couldn’t predict what would happen in the Texas case, but he vowed to “not allow political pretext to disenfranchise American citizens of their most precious right.”

“The arc of American history has always moved towards expanding the electorate,” Holder explained. “We will simply not allow this era to be the reversal of that historic progress. I will not allow that to happen.”

Rest of the article here 

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