Clearing a Path For a Reliable Voting Process : Passing the Voter Empowerment Act

…the NAACP announced its strong support for H.R. 5799, the Voter Empowerment Act.  Introduced by Congressman John Lewis (GA) and co-sponsored by 125 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, the new legislation expands and protects voters’ access to the polls and increases accountability and integrity among election officials and poll workers. The Voter Empowerment Act focuses on guaranteeing early voting, allowing same-day registration, outlawing “voter caging,” counting provisional ballots, and penalizing voter intimidation.

“Voter suppression measures launched in several states potentially disenfranchise over five million eligible voters,” said Hilary O. Shelton, the Director of the NAACP Washington Bureau and the Senior Vice President for Advocacy and Policy. “Although the NAACP and other organizations are increasing efforts to mobilize and inform voters of voting and registration laws, the new legislation provides an opportunity for Congress to ensure that the right to vote for all Americans is protected fairly and uniformly throughout the country”

Rest of the article here


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