Republican Voter Suppression Throwing Barriers in Front of Kansas Voters

What it Looks Like

House Bill 2437 (now SB17) in particular seeks to accelerate the speed with which Kansas dives head first into the retrogressive voting barriers of the past by accelerating proof of citizenship requirements to June 2012 rather than wait until the winter of 2013 as required by the new law. This of course, would be coupled with the retrogressive voter photo ID requirement which is already in place. Decision-makers fervor for accelerating implementation however, is wholly incongruent with the notion that we should have a participatory democracy because the two measures taken together will throw otherwise eligible voters under the bus….

The NAACP is a leader in the fight to increase the integrity of our elections and thereby, the peoples’ confidence in their outcome. Integrity and confidence however, will decrease if thousands of otherwise eligible voters are pushed into the margins of democracy by unnecessary election law changes. For this reason, the Kansas NAACP remains true to the organization’s proud history of standing boldly and valiantly in opposition to voter suppression and we do so on behalf of current voters and in the name of the barrier-free voting opportunities we must leave for all children. It is our legacy, it is our calling, it is our responsibility.

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