Republican Voter Suppression in Florida Is UnAmerican

Because both the driver’s license list and the system to match it to the voter rolls are deeply flawed, not showing naturalizations or other updates, many on the list turned out to be citizens, entitled to vote. More than 350 people in the Miami area alone came forward to dispute their presence on the list, forced to take steps to demonstrate their citizenship. One of them was Bill Internicola, who was born in Brooklyn in 1921 and earned the Bronze Star during the Battle of the Bulge. After talking to local elections officials, he was required to send a copy of his Army discharge papers.

Those who did not respond to the elections division’s letter in time may well include legitimate voters who do not speak English, or have moved, or didn’t check their mail– all of whom will be barred from voting.

Not with the likes of the Koch brothers and the rest of the plutocrats making it worth their while. In fact, Scott has insisted he will ignore the Justice Department’s demand he stop suppressing the vote in Florida– and that he would accelerate the voter purge. This morning, though, the Palm Beach Post reported that all 67 state elections supervisors “will discontinue a state-directed effort to remove names from county voter rolls because they believe the state data is flawed and because the U.S. Department of Justice has said the process violates federal voting laws.”

Rest of the article here


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