Republican Voter Suppression Impedes Kansas Voters

Aside from the fortune that the State of Kansas will spend to implement these laws, educate citizens about the changes, and eventually defend in court, the incalculable cost will be the missing votes of our neighbors and family members who have enough other drama in their lives to jump through the hoops of these new laws.

This week the US Justice Department intervened in Texas. In Wisconsin judges have stopped similar laws from impacting upcoming elections. And Pennsylvania marched right into the fray by passing its own voter suppression legislation.

We are dedicated to encouraging citizens to get engaged in their communities and express their opinions everywhere from their kitchen table to the ballot box. The last thing we want to see is civic engagement discouraged. And we will be doing everything we can to make sure people overcome whatever obstacles the Secretary of State and the Legislature put between Kansans and the ballot box.

Making people pay to vote is wrong. And intentionally setting up obstacles to make it more difficult for Kansans to vote is wrong.

And for the Secretary of State to move Proof of Citizenship up to 2012 when election officers and poll workers will just be getting to know the new Photo ID requirements is just another example of his transparent goal of reducing the number of young people, low-income people, women, minorities and Kansas seniors who cast their ballots.

Rest of the article here


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