Takes on Republican Voter Suppression 2.0

Critics are even comparing Scott to Alabama’s George Wallace, who 49 years ago used racist tactics to prevent Blacks from exercising their right to vote., an advocacy group, calls what Florida is doing ‘Jim Crow 2.0′

They say what governor Scott started doing 9 months ago to 180,000 potential voters is an illegal ruse to keep a specific voter bloc–namely democratic– away from the polls come November.

But it is not only Florida, for a rash of new measures are being pushed across several states by Republican legislators, which many say unfairly targets minorities,’ low income voters, Black and Brown folks, the elderly, college students, the youths, the disabled and single women.

Things like mandatory government issued I.D. at polling stations, no same day registration, 24 hour closing of registration deliveries, no early voting and prohibiting anyone with a criminal record from voting even if they are now law-abiding tax-paying citizens and their record was years ago.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, more than 5 million people could be adversely affected by the new voting restrictions. Since the end of Jim Crow’s blatant racist suppression of votes among Blacks, America has made strides in implementing legislation to make our electorial process more inclusive for all. However, starting 2011, we have seen a stunning reverse shift in gears, with as much as 19 new laws, 2 executive orders in 14 states–all by Republicans.

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