Emanuel Cleaver and Florida CBC Condemn Republican Voter Suppression 2.0

Today, Chairman Emanuel Cleaver joins his colleagues, the Florida Members of the Congressional Black Caucus — Congresswoman Corrine Brown, Congressman Alcee Hastings, and Congresswoman Federica Wilson, in condemning Governor Scott for his failure to stop purging of voter rolls:

Chairman Emanuel Cleaver

“I join my colleagues from Florida in condemning Governor Rick Scott for failing and refusing to put a stop to the purging of Florida’s voter rolls. This blatant attack on the right to vote is unconscionable and evidence that we have reached a new low in our nation’s history. I pledge that the Congressional Black Caucus will not sit idly by as the right to vote is stripped away for millions of Americans.”

Congresswoman Corrine Brown (FL-03)

“Minority voting groups, as well as elderly voters and college students have taken too many steps forward to allow these types of retrogressive laws to set them back.  It is outright embarrassing that Florida residents are once again being used as guinea pigs, particularly after what happened during the 2000 elections in our state.  Given that voting is the bedrock of our democracy, it is critical to make it easier for people to register and to vote, not erect unnecessary barriers.”

Rest of the article here


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