Republican Deceptive Robo-calls Are Pummeling the Wisconsin Recall

Salon,, and a number of local Reddit users all say that voters who signed the recall petition are receiving robo-calls telling them that their vote has already been counted.Josh Eidelson writes:

“With both sides counting on dramatic turnout, Tom Barrett’s campaign is charging Scott Walker supporters with dirty tricks. In an e-mail sent to supporters last night, Barrett for Wisconsin Finance Director Mary Urbina-McCarthy wrote, ‘Reports coming into our call center have confirmed that Walker’s allies just launched a massive wave of voter suppression calls to recall petition signers.’ According to Urbina-McCarthy, the message of the calls was: ‘If you signed the recall petition, your job is done and you don’t need to vote on Tuesday.’

“Last night I talked to a Wisconsin voter who says she received just such a robo-call. Carol Gibbons told me she picked up the phone and heard a male voice saying ‘thank you for taking this call,’ and that ‘if you signed the recall petition, you did not have to vote because that would be your vote.’”

Rest of article here


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