Update on the Scott Walker Recall

Whether going door to door, making phone calls, receiving messages in themail, or flyer-ing worksites the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO member to member program is firing on all four cylinders in support of Tom Barrett and Mahlon Mitchell.  
The time is now!  We are in the final days of our historic campaign to recall Scott Walker and restore democracy to Wisconsin.  Together, our grassroots efforts will make the difference on June 5.  

Volunteer offices are open across Wisconsin daily until 8:00 pm on Tuesday, June 5.  Click here to find a location near you

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2 thoughts on “Update on the Scott Walker Recall

  1. Walker’s efforts to walk all over unions and his disregard for the well-being of Wisconsin workers are horrible . Let’s help the hard working people of Wisconsin succeed in their recall of Scott Walker and his cronies.

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