Republican Voter Suppression : 5-Pronged Attack

From Lee Atwater “Southern Strategy” (see below Atwater). A quick review of the Atwater embed will reveal the earliest stages of lingering race baiting tactics (e.g. food stamps code).While Atwater’s “in-your-face’ tactics linger, the GOP has metastasized to a political house of horrors. A political house replete with outright suppression of the c onstitutional right (and hard won via sacrifice for women and African-American) voting blocs.
Voter suppression is an obvious ‘high-level’ strategy from the GOP. It is based in the most heinous of Un-Americanism one can imagine. Suppression by design restricts voting access for minority voters, college students, women voters and the elderly. Recognize any Democrat voting blocs? If find the later group ( the elderly) intriguing as America’s ‘senior’ voters are historically GOP voters (an exception for most senior African-American voters). Modern-day suppression is little different from past ‘poll taxes’, literacy tests’ and, frankly, outright voter intimidation.

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