In Florida’s Voter Roll Scrub, Charges of Suppression

But just one of those parties has its hands on the levers of state government. And it seems to be doing all it can to blunt the other major party’s numerical advantage. Only, this isn’t just some numbers game. It’s about taking steps to prevent people from voting. Hell, why go to the trouble of persuading people to vote for your guy when it’s so much easier to keep them from taking part in the election at all?

First, we had the legislature’s move last year to enact a new voting law that makes it so hard to register voters that independent groups like the League of Women Voters and Rock the Vote halted their efforts in Florida. That law is now under review by a federal court.

Another provision shortens the early-voting period from 14 days to eight. And it bans registering voters on the Sunday before Election Day.

Rest of article here


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