AG Wins $1M Judgment Against Republican Robocalls Made for Voter Suppression

In her Order, Judge Blake concluded both Russell and Henson were aware of the requirements of TCPA that a campaign identify itself, but that Henson and Russell knowingly violated the statute. According to the Court, “without any doubt[] Henson discussed plans to suppress the votes of African-American Democrats, recorded the plan in [a] strategy memo sent to the Ehrlich campaign, and ultimately dictated and authorized the offending message.”

The Court awarded damages against Julius Henson and Universal Elections in the amount of $1,000,000. It awarded a smaller amount, $10,000, against Russell, finding that her violations were committed as an employee of Universal Elections while acting under the direction of Mr. Henson. In support of its damage award, the Court observed that Henson’s efforts “damaged public faith in the democratic process that is at the core of our system of government.”

“Voter suppression in Maryland will not be tolerated,” said Attorney General Gansler. “The Court’s Opinion and damages award will hopefully make political consultants think twice before using these types of illegal dirty tricks again.”

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2 thoughts on “AG Wins $1M Judgment Against Republican Robocalls Made for Voter Suppression

  1. We have the same exact problem here in Canada, where our Conservative Party seems to do little more than adopt their tactics wholesale from Republicans down south. Not only are they total SOB’s, they’re completely unoriginal!

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