Officials Should Encourage Voters, Not Make it More Difficult for Voters to Register and Cast Their Ballots.

Florida is seeking approval of the Voter Suppression provisions in federal court. The American Civil Liberties Union has intervened, representing two county supervisors of elections, the AFL-CIO, Project Vote and others. Another lawsuit is challenging the voter-registration provisions as restricting First Amendment freedoms.

Since the Civil War, the federal government has had the responsibility to prevent states from interfering with the fundamental rights of their citizens. The government should challenge Florida policies that:

-Interfere with the right to vote or jeopardize whether a vote will be counted.

-Allow votes in presidential and congressional elections to be discarded because ballots were cast in the wrong precincts.

-Lack uniformity regarding the length of early voting periods and when provisional ballots may be required in federal elections.

Rest of the article here 


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