Republicans Derail WWII Veteran’s Eligibility to Vote, Taking the Citizen off the Voting Rolls

A 91-year-old decorated World War II veteran is just one of hundreds of South Florida voters shocked to learn that they’ve been identified as a non-U.S. Citizen and may be ineligible to vote.

Bill Internicola appeared at a news conference at his senior retirement community Pine Island Ridge Clubhouse in Davie on Tuesday.

“I was amazed when I got the letter, I can tell you that. I’ve been voting since I was 18 years old and I never had any trouble,” said Internicola.

“Who made the decision to put these names on a list? Why did you make that decision? When did you make that decision? And if you made that decision recently when Mr. Internicola and others received the letter, why didn’t you do it a long time before this election?” asked Rep. Hastings.

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In Florida’s Voter Roll Scrub, Charges of Suppression

But just one of those parties has its hands on the levers of state government. And it seems to be doing all it can to blunt the other major party’s numerical advantage. Only, this isn’t just some numbers game. It’s about taking steps to prevent people from voting. Hell, why go to the trouble of persuading people to vote for your guy when it’s so much easier to keep them from taking part in the election at all?

First, we had the legislature’s move last year to enact a new voting law that makes it so hard to register voters that independent groups like the League of Women Voters and Rock the Vote halted their efforts in Florida. That law is now under review by a federal court.

Another provision shortens the early-voting period from 14 days to eight. And it bans registering voters on the Sunday before Election Day.

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Michiganders Protest Voter Suppression Legislation

In the Redistricting and Elections Committee on May 22, 2012, four Republican Representatives introduced what they called “technical” amendments to SB 751 and 752, but couldn’t explain what those amendments actually did. This was the crowd reaction after the bills were passed out of committee.
The goal of SB 751 is to purge voters from the roles and to make it harder to vote for low income and elderly people because there is no real cost savings or it is minimal from doing so.
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AG Wins $1M Judgment Against Republican Robocalls Made for Voter Suppression

In her Order, Judge Blake concluded both Russell and Henson were aware of the requirements of TCPA that a campaign identify itself, but that Henson and Russell knowingly violated the statute. According to the Court, “without any doubt[] Henson discussed plans to suppress the votes of African-American Democrats, recorded the plan in [a] strategy memo sent to the Ehrlich campaign, and ultimately dictated and authorized the offending message.”

The Court awarded damages against Julius Henson and Universal Elections in the amount of $1,000,000. It awarded a smaller amount, $10,000, against Russell, finding that her violations were committed as an employee of Universal Elections while acting under the direction of Mr. Henson. In support of its damage award, the Court observed that Henson’s efforts “damaged public faith in the democratic process that is at the core of our system of government.”

“Voter suppression in Maryland will not be tolerated,” said Attorney General Gansler. “The Court’s Opinion and damages award will hopefully make political consultants think twice before using these types of illegal dirty tricks again.”

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Is Florida Going to Purge 180,000 Hispanic Voters?

Since the purge list is specifically targeted at trying to stop undocumented immigrants from voting, the list will be almost completely Hispanic. And despite the fact that Cuban-American Floridians tend to vote Republican, the majority of Florida Hispanics are not of Cuban heritage. If the list is successfully completed, then, it’s obvious that it will disproportionately target Democratic voters. Just like the Bush-Harris list from 2000.

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Esquire : 2012’s Voter Suppression Carries On

One is the money context created by the Citizens United decision. The other, closer to the ground, is the context of the voter-suppression laws — and that’s what they are, and suppressing votes is what they were meant to do — in the several states. This, I would almost guarantee, is going to set off ugly scenes at polling places around the country, as well as further disillusioning the very voters who lack any other avenue to exercise what little political power they have, which is also the point of these laws.

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CBC Will Mobilize Ministers to Counter New Voter Suppression Laws

>> first of all, according a university of new york study about 18% of seniors don’t have a government issued id. in many states what is required as government id is a photograph. people have to go out and pay money to get a government issued id. in some cases it costs as much as $20. now, that is not a lot of money except that that essentially becomes a poll tax for seniors. and in texas where i was born and raised and educated they passed a law that would allow individuals to vote with their gun license but they can’t vote with their student id. so we have got to try to get people equipped to deal with these circumstances as they pop up as they most certainly will do. we want to let them know that there is a theological responsibility to participate in the political process at least in the christian tradition . so we are going to encourage them to encourage their people. we are not going to endorse any candidate. we are not going to pass out a voter’s guide as some churches have been doing over the past few years in violation of the irs . we don’t want that to happen in the churches that we are going to bring to washington. we want them to have the facts.

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