The Ways of a Voter Suppression Republican

Since taking up the cause of the political right, Spakovsky has made quite a name for himself in circles where disenfranchising groups of voters who tend to vote for Democrats is involved. In fact, he has become one of the leading advocates for “voter suppression,” a term he does not use of course, but one that is now used by the press to describe how Republicans try to limit votes for Democrats as a purposful election strategy.

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GOP Voter Suppression Efforts

There’s a report that lays out in detail all that we’re doing right now in state after state, like Florida, where Republicans have tried to eliminate early vote and force folks to have photo I.D.s; in Texas, for instance, where they’re allowing people with gun licenses to come in and vote, but if you’re a student, and you’re – and you want to use a student I.D., they’re denying you your franchise.

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Wisconsin Veteran Irate At GOP Voter ID Law: ‘What The F*ck Did I Go In For?’

Paar also explained that he sees a serious problem: “There’s a possibility that a veteran could have only this type of I.D., because he’s had a stroke, let’s say, up at the V.A. hospital. And because of that, he had his driver’s license taken away. So case in point, he would have only this Veterans Administration I.D. through the hospital.

“And they’re telling me I can’t use it, I couldn’t use it. this is not right. you’ve got a guy who serves, does his time in the Air Force, or Army or the Navy, and then he comes home and can’t vote? What the f—- did I go in for?”

But Paar was unmoved on the point: “I’m saying, how valid is an I.D. that I walk in and get for nothing, compared to one that I spent four years in the Air Force to get, you know?

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GOP voter suppression overreach

She believes that the recent mumbling from the GOP about repealing HB 194 — which has already been approved for referendum this November — on their own in the legislature and “replacing” it with God only knows what will back fire too. We’ll see. She says that Fair Elections Ohio, of which she is part, is prepared to go to court to challenge any potential end run around a referendum.

She says, “Perhaps the Ohio GOP would be best advised to put its efforts into winning an election than changing its rules.”

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